Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Experience luxury on the beachfront: Lichnos Beach 5 star resort in Greece

Following a remarkable renovation, Lichnos Beach 5 star resort in Parga, revisits the online scene with a fresh new website designed and developed by Mozaik.

The intro photo gallery lures visitors into a holiday realm of calm and tranquility while the minimal lifestyle design gets viewers instantly in a travel mood. Simplicity and luxury are beautifully presented throughout while the earthly color pallete reflects the feeling of relaxation and comfort. The top menu of the new website is always visible, allowing easy navigation and access to all pages even when scrolling while on the other hand the menu of the hotel’s top experiences invites travelers to delve into the luxurious world of Lichnos Beach right from the start.
Experience luxury on the beachfront of Parga at http://www.lichnosbeach.gr/.


The impressive verdant hills, breath-taking rock cliffs and crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea that welcome visitors of Lichnos Beach Hotel in Parga, certainly make holidays in this 5 star luxury hotel in Epirus, Greece, a truly unforgettable experience, even from the very first moments. 

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This Parga Beach resort promises- and delivers- much more than luxury; the blue horizon, the calmness of the scenery and the spectacular unobstructed sea view make this  resort in Parga a unique destination for those aiming to escape the routine and pace of everyday life in the big cities.

Nested in the sandy Lichnos Bay in the western coasts of Greek mainland, the hotel features comfortable bungalows and lavish rooms in Parga, built among 25,000 square meters of land and surrounded by lovely fragrant gardens comprised of local herbs and colourful flowers, olive trees and citrus trees, highlighting the authentic Mediterranean character of this  accommodation in Parga. Lichnos Beach Hotel in Parga combines all extraordinary elements of the Greek summer: these Parga suites and rooms positioned by the golden sandy beach, feature natural light and splendid sea view, and a tranquil and rejuvenating environment.

Heinz Troll

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